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The innovation
HappyArt 3D - this is the new form of art. A combination of tradition and innovation. Of culture and high-tech. HappyArt 3D combines the century-old tradition of the performing arts with the innovative possibilities of today's digital age.


HappyArt 3D Gallery

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European Soccer Championship 2008


Big-size installation in 3D! Adidas huddle in Switzerland, the most frequently photographed event of the European Championship.
HappyArt 3D scanned 11 of the best-known players in Europe, which were presented in Zürich Central Station. The trend towards "Big-size installations" is unbroken. In Zürich, a 3-D installation was created that outshone everything that went before:
The European Championship stars, probably the best footballers in Europe, photo-realistic almost 20 metres large: Ballack, Lahm, Barnetta, Benzema, Charisteas, Chivu, Ivanschitz, Cech, van Persi, Vieira, Vila, in XXL format.
Blow-up advertising in 3D.
Media and audience were thrilled. While some people were still thinking about two-dimensional posters and large video screens, advertising towers, here the groups of players is constructed three-dimensionally and "lifelike", on the basis of the knowhow and technology of HappyArt 3D.
This technology enables not only "Big-size installations of people", but also, for example, the three-dimensional representation of products, buildings or other objects, in almost any size. A "Change or transformation" of the individual objects is possible without a problem. This results in unforeseen ideas and opportunities for your communication.
2D was yesterday, the future is 3D.
... an Honor for HappyArt 3D:

Golden Camera Award 2014

The production of six XXL-cameras
for the ceremony on Saturday,
February 1, 2014 in Berlin.

The Goldene Camera is an annual
German film and television award,
awarded by the television magazine
IAA 2013

Röchling Automotive: Further developed air valve systems decrease use and CO2 emissions

The air valve system called Active Grille Shutter Evolution II - Style is controlled according to requirement by especially developed actuators and reduces exhaust emissions and fuel consumption. Electric vehicles like the Tesla S should, in turn, benefit from the Active Grille Shutter BEVolution named air valve systems. They extend the range via improved aerodynamics and ensure an optimized battery cooling and temperature control.


Tesla's advanced electric drive offers superior performance. Comparatively to combustion engines, which consist of hundreds of items that fire, pumps, stutter and creak, the motor of Tesla only has only one moving part: the rotor. Consequently, the Model S accelerates in seconds. Step onto the accelerator pedal, in 5.6 seconds, the Model S reaches 100 kmph easily and without even a drop of gasoline.
Signland, Ostfildern
Röchling Automotive

Soccer World Cup 2010

Rooney, Ronaldo or Ribéry ...

3D statue by HappyArt 3D

For a World Cup campaign,
HappyArt 3D produced a large group of statues,
which were erected on Lenin Square in Moscow.

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Cristiano Ronaldo
footballer with
exceptional talent.

Nike Deutschland/

3D Modelling

3D modelling - that is the production of 3D data based on photos - without 3D scans.

Out of only 2-3 photos, our 3D artists create realistic 3D models, which are hardly distinguishable from scans. A whole new service by HappyArt 3D.

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New Jerseys by Puma

Production of the new Puma
jerseys in 5 m size for
Borussia Dortmund

Goldene Generation, Essen,
Puma, Herzogenaurach

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Award: Marketing
  of Sports 2013

Harald Glφφckler with US-Star Amanda Lepore infront of his new Shop in Berlin.

HG Sales Gmbh

Skulptur by
3D Culture
From extravagant clothing, jewelry, art, accessories to fine interior products,
that΄s all the woman needs, they get it in the glamorous shop of the designer.

XXL Fragrances

Coty Prestige - one of the largest providers of perfume and cosmetics in Germany.

Coty Mainz/

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Mobile big-size installations:
On tour with HappyArt 3D!

Bartec Phone and Bartec-ANTARES

The XXL trade fair object has a built-in LCD TV and sound.
The object was constructed according to a 3D file in polystyrene and styrodur on a frame, coated with a special surface and lacquered photo-realistically.
ANTARES in XXL offers more efficiency, comfort and flexibility in bus systems

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The Bayreuth Festival Hall,
location of the world-famous Richard-Wagner-Festival
The Bayreuth Festival Hall is not just
considered one of the largest opera houses
in the world, but also captivates visitors with
its unique architecture and outstanding acoustics.
HappyArt 3D
with "special effects"

Your individual bust or sculpture

It is a fascinating experience to see people as a bust or sculpture in the 3rd dimension, with the unlimited possibilities that result from personal, professional or leisure spheres of life

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Volleyball 2012 -
World Champions &
Olympic Champions

Gold & silver for volleyball players!
Client: Glöckner & Company,
FIVB International

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3D Scanning

We scan the original of an object, e.g. your product, with a 3D scanner. For this, we are happy to come to you, because our 3D scan system allows for mobile use. The raw scan data are thereby automatically put together using a special type of software. Subsequently, our digital sculptors process the raw scan with a trained eye and lengthy experience to an accurate and reproducible 3D model.

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3D Modelling of Animals

Horses, dogs, cats - animals move during 3D scanning.
Scanning is, if at all, only possible in part, and that is why we use our new service "3D modelling of animals", not to be distinguished from 3D scans.

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Buddy Holly

7 m statue in front of the Colosseum Theater in Essen.

Stage Entertainment,

His most famous songs include:
That'll Be The Day,
Peggy Sue, Oh Boy!
and It Doesn't
Matter Anymore

Buddy Holly
* 7. September 1936 in
Lubbock, Texas, USA;
† 3. Februar 1959 near
Mason City, Iowa was
a US-American
rock-'n'-roll musician
and composer.

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Barockschloss Mannheim
from 08.09.2013 to 02.03.2014
HappyArt 3D reproduced Ludwig of Kelheimer, founding figure of the Cloister Seligenthal near Landshut & Ludwig the Strict from the house of Wittelsbach, who was Duke of Bavaria from 1253 to 1294 and Electoral Prince of the Palatinate. Since the division of territory in 1255, he ruled the duchy of Upper Bavaria. Nuppenbecher, or also Noppenbecher, is the term for a common drinking glass shape of the high and late middle ages. The best-known examples date back to the 13th and 14th centuries.

Airbrush Technique

Airbrush art describes a process during which very fine colour pigments are brought onto all kinds of surfaces by means of pressurised air. Be it on canvas, car parts, textiles, the human body, façades or shoes, the special airbrush technique provides an individualised and unique touch for all objects with the help of acrylics and special protective varnishes. There are no limits to ideas or the imagination. Generally, any idea can be realised, one just has to find the right steps for the solution.

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Welcome to 3D Promotional Gifts

Here you will find individual 3D laser crystals for promotion and awards. Just simply create your own trophy design by selecting a crystal form and the desired content in the crystal glass. We will laser your logo, your own 3D models, pre-designed 3D motifs, 3D photo portraits and your chosen text into the crystal. If required, we can create 3D models with our 3D scanner or model your products in 3D. You can always rely on the high product and service quality of HappyArt 3D.

Welcome to 3D Promotional Gifts:
Highest quality, excellent value for money, high-quality glass forms and designs, mineral crystal glass, hand-cut, high-resolution interior glass engraving, competent advice and project service, 3D scan and 3D modelling service, individual production and large series production.
We laser your 3D files into crystal. Individual 3D motifs in crystal. Trendy trophies and glass forms.
Exclusive crystals for awards and prizes. Large selection of pre-designed 3D motifs, direct colour print on glass, luminous base and accessories, glass colour print with 3D lasering.
Promotional gifts, giveaways, customer gifts, presents, trophies, awards, prizes, merchandising, souvenirs. Individual gifts for special occasions, e.g. Easter, Christmas, anniversaries

Comic Figures in 3D according to your Wishes.

Comic figures are made-up "beings" that are "invented" through oral storytelling, paintings, novels or films, or, for example, represent a company as a three-dimensional logo. In computer games, the users can interact and even use avatars as virtual participants in a fictional world. In the different types of media, the figures function according to different rules: it makes a big difference whether we imagine Harry Potter, while we are reading the book, or whether we see him as an over-sized figure at a trade fair or in a film.
HappyArt 3D - everything is extra ordinary.

The Olympiahalle in Munich
"Original & Fake"

Preliminary decision on "Mission Promotion":
FC Bayern Munich
- Würzburg Baskets
= 82 : 75 for FC Bayern.
Basketball star Demond Greene in XXL

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3D scanning / creation of an equestrian statue (horse's head) in front of the Basilika Sacré Coeur
Paris - Sacré Coeur Montmartre
HappyArt 3D

HappyArt 3D:

3D scanning of an equestrian statue (horse's head)
in front of the
Basilika Sacré Coeur,

Stadt Paris
(Hotel de Ville)

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Eagle for the DVAG Deutsche Vermögensberatung

Design: Styrodur/PU foam, layered lamination with glass fibres, aluminium plug-in modules in the wings, polyester fabric, fine mortared & coating, colouring: airbrush bronzed.

Munich Placet /

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Our Services:

Ambient Media • Special advertising • promotional figures • action figures • decoration figures • furnishing for museums, stage and film • decorative constructions for film and theatre • decorations for exhibition stand construction • event decoration • figures made from glass fibre reinforced plastic • figures for leisure parks • figures for fairground operators • figure reproductions • polystyrene figures • styrodur figures • individual marble figures • stage decorations • set elements • sculptor and stone mason works • bronzes • bronze sculptures • bronze casting • large-scale figures • large-scale plastics • objects out of glass fibre reinforced plastic • plastic promotional figures • dummies

Miniatures for the Film Festival Locarno 2012

Saatchi & Saatchi,
Swisscom, Bern

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The famous leopard is baring its teeth for the 62nd year of the festival.
Model construction for
production & design

Creation of models and forms in polystyrene, wood and plastic, for production, design or advertising.
Productions model construction, foundry, reinforced plastic, polystyrene, fire-resistant model construction, construction CAD/CAM, XXL design

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Works of Art - made in Carrara/Italy

HappyArt 3D combines century-old tradition of the performing arts with the innovative possibilities of the contemporary digital age.
Production site Carrara / Pietrasanta / Italy

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PrintShow 2013 Extra

New: innovative, compact 3D printer for home use!
With this, you can set your creativity free, print your own individual, colour, three-dimensional objects made of different plastics on your desk, and all that at unbeatable prices.

Rapid Prototyping

On the basis of computer data, materials are applied in layers, resulting in solid, three-dimensional form pieces. 3D Rapid Prototyping is a quick, compact and user-friendly solution for, e.g. architects, engineers, product designers and many more

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HappyArt 3D at
Galileo in Munich,
the Knowledge and Lifestyle Magazine
by ProSieben.

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Art from the Provence

This over-dimensional work of art can be found in the Provence and was created using 3D modelling and bronze casting.

We work with the lost wax technique, which human beings have used for millennia. It is the perfect technique for achieving an excellent accuracy of detail on the surface.

XXL Sculpture "Laptop"

Outdoor implementation in milled stainless steel

V4A stainless steel eagle in XXL
I like to thank our
Customers for their trust
and the media for
their informative

Managing Director
HappyArt 3D
Peter Brunsbach

Venus of Willendorf

HappyArt 3D scanned and reproduced the 25,000-year-old Venus of Willendorf.
It originates from the Upper Paleolithic Age and is made of lime sand brick.
Discovered on 7/8/1908 while excavating paleolithic settlement remains near Willendorf in Wachau.
The sculpture shows the full-plastic figure of a corpulent, undressed woman, the head has no face, hairstyle is a parallel row of curls, jagged bangles, originally covered in thick layer of red paint.
At the same site, a possibly unfinished female statue, 22.5 cm high, and an oval-shaped body, 9 cm high, made of mammoth tusks were found ("Venus II and III").

The Venus of Willendorf is one of Austria's most famous archaeological finds.
Our replica is 3 metres high. The original can be seen in the Natural History Museum in Vienna.
Franck Ribéry
As a thank you for the contract renewal of Nike star Franck Ribéry at FC Bayern Munich, Nike placed the statue exactly beneath the spot on the balcony of the old City Hall, from where Ribéry had announced his contract renewal a week earlier.

Nike Germany
Kolle Rebbe,

3D Modelling

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HappyArt 3D
- is the art of creating a unique work of art based on your bust or sculpture - unique and distinct.

Marton Varo is a well-known sculptor who works in California/USA and Carrara/Italy, and is our new partner when it comes to Happy Art 3D by HappyArt 3D.

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Bob Geldof

Client BMW CleanEnergy endowed the "Cinema for Peace Award" to Bob Geldof on the Berlinale for his commitment in fighting injustice in the world.

HappyArt 3D designed and created the award for the Berlin Film Festival.
The award represents a chunk of ice and is milled out of real calcite.

XXL Hamburger
"Bon Appetit"

After the musical "Buddy" had stood in front of the Colosseum Theater Essen for approx. 6 months, the musician was placed in front of a US fast food chain in Essen.